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What is the meaning of each delivery status?

Viber messaging lets you see the exact status of your messages from the moment you send them until they are opened by the recipient. Below is an explanation of what each delivery status means.

When you see the status “Sending” (always accompanied by a clock icon) underneath your message, this means that your message has not yet reached the server. If you find that this status appears for longer than 30-60 seconds, you should check to make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.
When you see the status “Sent” (always accompanied by one check mark) underneath your message, this is an indication that your message has been sent to the server. In other words, it has successfully been sent on its way to the recipient.

When you see the status “Delivered” (always accompanied by two check marks) underneath your message, this means that your message has been received by the recipient. The “Delivered” status does not indicate that the message has been opened.

The “Seen” delivery status indicates that the recipient has opened the conversation to which you have sent the message. The “Seen” status will disappear once the recipient replies to your message. Note that the “Seen” delivery status does not guarantee that your message has been read, nor does it appear in group chats.

It’s been a while and my message still has not been delivered.
There could be a few explanations for the delay of the delivery of a message.
  1. The recipient is not connected to the internet and cannot receive messages
  2. The recipient’s phone is off
  3. The recipient's Viber application may be turned off
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