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What is location sharing?

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2014
Location sharing is a feature that allows you to let people know where you are. Contacts in conversations can see where you are each time you send them a message or only when you send them your location – it’s up to you!

How do I share my location in a message?
The default setting for locations is OFF, as shown by the gray location icon  to the right of the Compose field.
  1. To turn locations ON, simply tap the gray location icon . The color changes to purple  , to indicate that the service is ON
  2. Your conversation partner will see the location pin icon with every message you send them. When they tap the icon, they will be able to see the location from which you sent the message. 
Important noteUpdating to ON will only affect the current conversation, it will not enable locations for any other conversations.

How do I send my location in a message, without enabling location sharing?
If you prefer that location sharing remain OFF, but would like to share your current location, you may do so by sending your location in a message.
  1. Select the ​  icon to the left of the Compose field 
  2. Select the Send Location button  
  3. Confirm that your correct location has appears on the map and select Send

Location attachment sharing is not yet available on Windows Phone 8. 

A few words about location accuracy:

Viber uses a combination of WPS (Wi-Fi positioning system) and GPS to pinpoint a user’s location as accurately as possible. 

When GPS signal is not sufficient, it uses WPS only. Typically, GPS is not sufficient when a user is indoors or if the user disables GPS through their device. WPS accuracy is dependent on the number of wireless access points in the user’s surrounding area. 

If you are indoors, Viber will depend on WPS only for your location. If the location lacks sufficient wireless access points, then it is indeed possible for the location displayed to vary even if you remain in the same location.
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