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Get Started: setup Viber on your Desktop

Viber for Desktop is an awesome app that allows you to use Viber straight from your computer while syncing to Viber on your smartphone. Setting up is quick and easy, just make sure Viber on your smartphone is up-to-date!

Before you begin the setup instructions make sure both your desktop and smartphone have a strong internet connection!

Also check that all of the correct ports are open --> Check here.

How to Setup Viber:

1.  Make sure you are running Viber version 6.0 and above on your smartphone

2.  Download & Install Viber for Desktop
3.  Run the installation file
4.  Read and understand the License Agreement. Accept and Install.


5.  Do you have Viber on your mobile phone? Choose Yes.

6.  Enter your phone number in the following format:

       Choose your country from the dropdown menu
       Enter your phone number (without spaces, leading zeros (0s), or exit codes)
7.  Click "Scan with my phone" to scan the QR code

  Unable to scan the QR code? Try the following alternative options:
  1.  Use the "selfie" side of your camera

If your camera is not working, is broken, or is not picking up the QR code you can try to use the selfie camera to scan the QR code as well.

1.  Click the  selfie button


2.  Scan the code using your selfie camera
  2.  Send yourself your secret identification key

1.  On the bottom of the scan your QR screen, choose My camera is not working. What can I do?

2.  Click Copy - to copy your secret identification key

3.  Send this copied key to your smartphone - via email or message 

4.  Open the message on your smartphone
5.  Click the link, then choose Open to open in Viber.


6.  Select Approve and then Yes

7.  Your secondary device should now be activated, you can continue with the setup process!  


8.  Using your smartphone scanner, scan the QR code on your Desktop app

That’s it! Viber is now setup on your Desktop and you can connect freely!


  Running a Viber version on your smartphone below 6.0?
If you are using an older version of Viber on your smartphone, you may not have full functionality or all of the awesome Viber features. If you can, we recommend updating.*

If you are using an older version, instead of scanning a QR code you'll receive an activation code from Viber. 

The code will arrive to your smartphone as a Viber message - not an SMS.

1.  Enter the code in Viber's Activation screen on your Desktop
2.  Agree to the User License Agreement
3.  Click Enter Viber
Enter the Viber activation code
4.  Enter your info or login with Facebook  

* If you cannot update to the latest Viber version, you can still use Viber, but you may experience issues that have already been fixed in our later versions. We won't be able to fix or troubleshoot technical issues on an old Viber version.

  Still not able to activate? Let us know


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