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How do I send photos and videos from my Android device?

  1. Open a message
  2. Select the Send photos and videos for free with Viber for Android icon to the left of the Compose field
  3. Choose either Take Photo, Take Video, or open the Gallery to upload media from your device
Some more information about your options:
  • Take Photo – This option will enable your device’s camera and allow you to take a photo. You will then have the option to Save or Discard the image. Choosing Save will prepare the image in a text box and allow you to describe the image. Choosing Discard will delete the photo.
  • Take Video – This option will enable Viber's video recorder and allow you to take a video. Take a video up to 3 minutes long, add a description, save the video to your gallery, and send it on to your friends! Learn more here.
  • Gallery – This option will access your device’s photo gallery and allow you to choose photo(s) or a video to send. You may only send 1 video at a time and you cannot send photos and videos at the same time. To send more than one photo: 
  1. Select the photos you would like to send (maximum: 10) - You can now send photos from more than one gallery!
  2. After you have selected the photos click done. On the next screen you can swipe the screen left to browse the photos you have chosen and add a description to each (optional).
  3. Once you have done browsing and adding optional descriptions click the send button.

(Photos are compressed to the maximum photo size of 250 KB.)

After you have sent or received a photo or video, you can press and hold the media file in the conversation for a menu to view, delete, forward via Viber, or share the file. 



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